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Hi, I’m Kaitlyn and I’m a top-rated Virginia REALTOR® at CityWorth Homes. As a Realtor, I enjoy being challenged by the constant change of the real estate market. Being swift and adaptable has allowed me to sharpen my skills in the field and help dozens of families meet their real estate goals. When I think about being a Realtor, I see it as a passion rather than a job. Days go by quickly when you are having fun building relationships and taking the stress out of home buying or selling.

Fun fact: I love spicy food! Another fun fact is I am listing properties for a 1% listing fee if you are selling. Even better, if you are purchasing a home, you get a 1% cash back on the loan IF you use BOTH our mortgage and real estate services. For example, if your loan is $400,000, you receive $4,000 to help with closing costs or my brokerage will send you a check!

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Here at CityWorth, I work around the clock to provide efficient and convenient Real Estate services. I strive to build life-long relationships with my clients and bring value to the buying and selling process. My purpose is to provide a comfortable and reliable home buying/selling experience for my clients. 

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